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Melinda (Klump) Beasi has been charming audiences with her sweet, soulful soprano for some time, in her former career as Everybody's Backup Singer. After several years of scribbling songs in the dark of her apartment, praying that no one was listening, Melinda has decided to crawl out from under the bed and admit she's a songwriter. The door creaks open, the light streams in, and our eyes (and ears) rest on her debut album, "Dorrie's True Story". With the help of brilliant cellist, James Jacobs, and beautiful vocalist/lovely sister, Katie McEntee, Melinda has created a sound that is unique and familiar, simple and expressive. Her deeply personal lyrics and delicate melodies are as full of joy as they are of pain. melinda

"Melancholy, brooding, droning...these words waft up while you're digging Melinda Klump's voice, chanting lightly over lyrics like "we walk down the street/two blocks seem like twenty (from All Over Again)." Klump cites Jeff Buckley as one of her influences--not surprising. The dark cello, too, moans like a drowning maiden, adding more dissonant color to her vignettes. Portishead, while 180 degrees opposite of Klump, elicits similar emotions: You want to save the character, the anti-heroine brought to life, but you know the she has to--and doesn't want to--save herself. She's married to sadness. Even as she sings "hello laughter/hello light filling the sky (from 'Goodbye')," you're not completely convinced. In her imaginary landscapes, maybe once there was a Shangri-La, but it seems she's lost her way back. She's mourning. She's asking for your help, or maybe she's just asking you to listen. Klump consumes, captivates and puts words to your moodiness." -- Jianda Johnson, Women of Mp3.com

"Melinda Klump bears resemblance to Suze, the chestnut haired girl on Dylan's arm for the sleeve of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan record. Her voice is an amalgamation of all the female folk singers in her record collection. With the most beautiful Snow White inflections, her voice's natural tremolo is like the flutter of angel's wings. Her self-penned, dreamy folk songs are poetic, moody, and moving beyond tangibility. Her guitar is her sole accompaniment, as warm and delicate as her ethereal voice. The perfect soundtrack for the downward spiral and drowning of Ophelia." -- Eric Shea, listen.com

"Oh Melinda Klump
Your song so sweetly whispers
Acoustic beauty"

-- Brendan Avery, mp3.com Artist BB, Haiku Reviews

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